Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Us!

Dear Paul,

I love you so much. You have taught me so many things. You truly are my inspiration and make me want to be so much of a better person. You make me laugh more than any other person (actually, you and Conner are tied). We created the most beautiful perfect little baby who has increased our joy exponentially. Sometimes when you are asleep, I lay awake in bed, looking at you. I wonder how I would ever live without you, and commit to making every moment count that much more. I love your ridiculously long eye lashes, your big blue eyes, your generous smile, and so many other things. I love that you always put others first. Not just me. You serve others and are such a great example to me of charity and love. I want to give you the best of me, and I know that you accept me and love me dearly with all of my faults and weaknesses. I love those precious moments in the House of the Lord when we are reminded so tenderly of our covenants and of our Eternal marriage and family. What a beautiful life we have together with our little family. I am so happy to be married to you. You have completed my life and given me all that I adore and love. You and Conner are so perfect for me. I love you.

Love, Annie

P.S. Yep, still haven't figured out the whole color thing. Please someone, come to my house and fix it for me. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dumb black "ink"

Who can tell me why I can't type in black??!!??? It never used to be a problem, and then all of a sudden like 4 months ago, it wouldn't appear in black anymore. I would post my blog and it would come out grey (like my last post! I couldn't get it to change to any other color!) It is bugging me so bad!

and now apparently this will only show up in grey too!!!!!! grrrrrrrr!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo session giveaway!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Conner modeling fun socks on (Today only!)

This link will only work today to show that Conner and I were on the Babysteals website, because they have a new product each day. We went in to pick up something that I bought from the website, and the photographer was there, and asked me about Conner's tube. Then we got to talking about his heart, and surgery, and feeding tube, etc. Then she asked if it would be alright if we had him 'model' some cute socks that would be featured today. Of course I said yes! What mom doesn't want to show off how cute and perfect their baby is?! :) She had me hold him since he doesn't sit up by himself yet, so it was fun to be in the picture with him! She told me that she was going to take some extra pictures, just so that I could have them! So sweet! So I'm going back in next week to pick up the pictures, and I'm so excited! I love the picture she has on the website. It shows Conner's personality so well. Such a calm, sweet baby.

And while you are at it, sign up for They have some really cool stuff for 50%-80% off retail value, and like I mentioned before, it's a different product each day! (haha, no, I do not work for them in any way, I just really like them!!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

CHD Awareness video with Conner

My "heart mom" friend made this video for a school in Oklahoma about CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) awareness. It features Conner at the very end of the video with a couple of pictures. I think the end picture was such a cute way to end the video! :)

I would have put the video right on the blog, but I don't know how, so here is the link instead:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thumbs-up to an amazing woman!

I had to take Conner up to PCMC today for an appointment. The whole ride up to the hospital, he threw up several times and was just having a rough morning. Then, while I was waiting in our room for the doctor to come in, I felt something wet on my arm, and realized that Conner's feeding tube had slipped out! I looked at the tape on his face, and realized that his throw-up had got under the tape, and made it really slippery, and that is what made the tube slide out so easily. I already was feeling sad because Conner wasn't having such a great morning, and so when his tube came out, I started crying. The doctor's assistant said that he would see if he could find someone to come help me put it back in. Paul has been the one to put his feeding tube back in, during the 2 weeks that he has had it. I do the holding and comforting, and daddy does the hard part. So when it came out, I was scared because I didn't know 'how' to put it back in (I 'know' how to put it back in because I've watched Paul do it several times, but have never done it myself). I was really happy that the assistant said he would find someone for me. He came back a few minutes later and said that the people he thought could come and help me were not available.
After the appointment I thought I would go check with the NICU to see if someone might be willing to help me. On my way to the elevators, a nice nurse asked if she could help me (because I was carrying him outside his car seat, carrying the car seat, his diaper bag, and his backpack that carry's his food and pump). I told her that I was o.k. and thanked her. Then when I got to the elevators, there was a lady waiting there with her special needs child in a wheelchair. She too asked if she could help me, and I told her that I was o.k. Well she didn't want to take no for an answer, and said "You look like you need help, so I'm going to take your bag and let me carry that car seat" and proceeded to hand the bag on her daughter's wheelchair and carried the car seat as she pushed her daughter into the elevator. It was such a kind gesture, that I started crying (again) as I followed her into the elevator. When she saw me crying, she asked what was wrong and how she could help. I told her that Conner just had a rough morning, and then his feeding tube came out and I didn't know how to put it back in. She then announced that she would go with me and help me figure it out, where ever I was headed. She came with me as I called on the phone to the NICU and asked them if someone could help me. They put me on hold, then came back and apologized that they couldn't help me (liability reasons, which is understandable). I told Gretta (the name of the lady helping me) that I would just go home and try and put it in myself, but she wouldn't hear of it. She told me that she was going to stay with me until we found someone that would help me.
She told me to follow her and that she was going to talk to her nurse and see what they could do to help. We went to the 3rd floor where they were staying. When she found her nurse and another nurse, she said "This is my friend Annie..." and as she explained the situation, she was so passionate about helping me that she started crying! Then the nurse started crying, and then I started crying again! The nurses talked and then took me into an office, where they got the supplies for me that we needed. The nurse asked if she wanted me to have her put it in, or if I wanted to try. I said that I would try. There ended up being like 5 nurses in the little room, all wanting to hold Conner, and help out. I got the tube in on the first attempt, and they all cheered me on and congratulated me like I had just won a beauty pageant or something- it was so sweet. Gretta waited for me the whole time, out in the hall with her daughter.
What is it that drives human beings to reach out so selflessly and serve a complete stranger? It is of course the light of Christ and the spirit, but it still amazes me how it works. This woman, this beautiful, sweet woman could have so easily let me be. She didn't have to offer her hand to help me. She didn't have to make it her mission to help me find help for my baby. She had her hands full already (physically and mentally) with her daughter who had very special needs herself. It would have been so easy for her to think that she was too busy and that my need was so minuscule compared to her daughter's needs. And yet she didn't. She took me under her wing and with a heart so pure and full of charity, made me feel as though the Savior was taking care of me. She felt my sorrow and yearned to make me feel better. She went out of her way to serve me when there was no benefit for her from it. She won't ever get public recognition for this act, she won't get paid money, she didn't do it so other's could see her goodness. She helped me because she is a selfless, giving woman who saw another in need.
You can tell what kind of woman she is just from her daughter. I asked about her daughter, and she told me that she adopted her. I asked from where, and she told me that she adopted her from social services. This means that this woman knowingly adopted this child with all of her physical handicaps, and neurological problems. She gave up her wants, hobbies and "worldly desires' to so selflessly serve, love and take care of another human being. What could be a more Christ-like thing to do? This woman is a hero in my eyes, and made me really think about my life and what I'm doing to serve others. I want to be more selfless and giving. I want to be more charitable and giving of my love to people who are in need. It is not my place to judge other's, but rather to love unconditionally and be more Christ-like.