Thursday, February 17, 2011

Got Milk?

My once beautifully stocked freezer of breast milk...oh how I miss thee!

This may sound like a very strange question to ask to some people (and believe me, it seemed really weird to me the first time I heard about it as well), but I'm going to ask anyway, because it's for Conner.  I am wondering if anyone out there, you, or someone you know, is pumping and is pumping extra breast milk that they don't need. Here's the situation...I just barely ran out of my frozen breast milk and last night was Conner's first night on straight formula (I was mixing half formula and half bm to make it last longer).  He didn't sleep well, and threw up a few times through the night.  When I had become pregnant, my supply went down, and soon I was only pumping 1 time a day.  I still pump once a day, during the morning, but only get about 2oz, but I feel like a tiny bit of fresh breast milk is better than nothing! I would really love for Conner to be able to get breast milk because as we all know, it's so much better for babies, and especially for Conner in his (medical) situation! If you know of someone, would you PLEASE pass along my blog info, and they can get in contact with me (or if you know my phone number, you could pass that along).  Like I said, it may seem strange to ask for someone else's breast milk, but if they are healthy and willing, I would LOVE to get some!
Did you know that humans are the only mammal who drink another mammal's milk and continue to drink milk into adulthood? Intersting, eh?