Monday, April 18, 2011

Videos for your viewing pleasure

I don't think I have uploaded videos on here of Conner since he was a wee babe in the NICU.  Well, here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to smile or laugh along.  I think he's pretty stinkin cute, but I may or may not be biased.  Make sure and pause the music on the right side of the blog, so you can listen to the videos.  

Conner is enjoying his first time on this rocking dog (that sounds strange, but I guess that's what you call it???)  It was mine from when I was his age! 

All day Conner had been trying to put his new 'toy' in my mouth...I'm not sure why, but he REALLY wanted it in my mouth.  I thought it was hilarious, and laughed all day long while he tried sticking it in my mouth, but I never actually let him put in it there.  Well, daddy got home, so I though I would have Conner show him his new fun little game.  Well, Conner finally got what he wanted, and daddy was such a good sport about it.  I'm laughing like a big dork in the background, as in, I could hardly contain my laughter, so please excuse how weird I sound!

Conner thought it was the funniest thing to play in the curtains! It looks like he is laughing at Bella, our dog, but before she was ever in the room, he was laughing like this, over and over again! It was so cute...I don't know that he has ever laughed so hard at something so random.