Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Date set for Heart Surgery!

We have a date set for Conner's heart surgery! YAY! We didn't think that we would get a date set until his next cardiology appt on the 21st of this month, but the scheduling people called me this morning! Conner is going to have his heart surgery on June 1st. (we thought it was going to be more towards the middle of June, so this is great news because it's even sooner!) We are so excited for the surgery and that Conner will get to have his heart fixed. What an amazing blessing to live in today's world of medical advances and to see the incredible things they can do. The first Tetralogy of Fallot corrective surgery wasn't even done until 1944 (on an adult) and here they are now, able to go in and repair babies hearts, as early as the same day of birth! I feel a huge relief knowing that we have a set date for the surgery. It makes me feel much better knowing the date that Conner will go in and have his heart fixed in just 3 weeks!


BECKY said...

That is GREAT! Woohoo for a date!!

Heather English said...

So glad to hear that. That just one step closer to putting this all behind you and moving on to happier times. So happy for you guys and of course we will be praying for Conner!

Juliana said...

Awesome news!! We will be praying for him :)

EBeauty03 said...

That's great news! Medical advances are a miracle! You continue to be in my prayers

Christina said...

I happened upon your blog and wanted to post about a local CHD support group. I am also a mom of a heart baby (although he just turned 3 so he is not much of a baby anymore!). I do not know if you heard about the group while you were at Primary's. It is a non-profit organization called Intermountain Healing Hearts (www.ihhearts.org)

We have different activities through the year (in fact we have a family picnic on Saturday in Bountiful) including family heart camp, the picnic, an awareness walk, we just had a heart mom luncheon and have other activities.

We would love to help you out, bring you a care bag for surgery, answer questions, etc.

To join the group visit our online forum at www.ihhforum.org/forum or feel free to email me at christina@intermountainhealinghearts.org

My nephew has TOF is turning 12 next month. It is amazing what the doctors can do to help these little ones now. Good luck!

Hugs & Prayers,
Heart Momma to Jacob (TGA)

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I saw that you guys had joined Intermountain Healing Hearts and wanted to say "welcome" to you! My little boy, Nathan, was born Jan 2008 with TOF. Though he is not officially a DiGeorge child, he was born with all of the symptoms. The drs believe that Nathan has a mutation of the chromosome. As I read your blog a flood of emotions came back since it was so familiar! Nathan was at PCMC for 9 weeks at birth, is a g-tube kid, had his repair the first of June in 2008....

I want you to know that through all of this things will get much better! You are welcome to look at our blog and see how great Nathan is doing.


We'll keep your little guy in our thoughts and prayers!