Friday, June 11, 2010

Bound to happen...AGAIN! and AGAIN!...

This sweet little boy just likes his face without his feeding tube!! I guess I do too...because like 2 weeks ago, I went to pull him out of his swing...and yep, there it went! The tube got stuck around the bottom corner of his swing, and I didn't notice, *der!*, and it slipped (ok, maybe the word to describe it is more like yanked) right out of his poor little nose! I, OF COURSE, felt so so so so so terrible and cried forever again, and OF COURSE my husband was just the sweetest guy (he is seriously way too nice to me!) and said that it was just a mistake...again! So up to PCMC we went and had it put back in.

THEN last weeks rolls around, and Conner has a very fussy, rub-my-face-all-day kind of day. Anytime I was holding him and he was facing towards me, he would constantly rub his face against my shirt/burp cloth...and he would not stop unless I physically turned his body away from mine!!! Silly boy! I guess the feeding tube makes his nose/face itch or feel super tickly, or something, because he will rub his face until his nose is bright red! So anyways, it was one of those kind of days, and he just started adding in using his hands to rub his face like that same week. I had been watching his hands all day to make sure he wasn't too close to his tube, but never thought of putting socks on his hands to be extra safe. Well, I was holding him, and he was rubbing his face on me, then was using his hands to rub his face, and I pulled his hands down, and they went right back up, and I moved his hand again...oops, too late...didn't see that he had his skinny little long finger wrapped around the tube! (in the little tiny space between where the tape leaves an opening by the curve of the nose!). OK, so this time the tube came out, I literally laughed, which felt much better than crying! I couldn't help it because every time I looked at Conner, he smiled at me, like he was saying "oh mom, I just look so much more handsome without the feeding tube in, right? oh ya, check me out!". It was so adorable! What a little stinker! So I'm really really really hoping though that the 4th time was it, and that it doesn't happen again!!!!!!!

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Deb said...

Oh man, that would be so uncomfortable to have that tube touching your face all day! Poor lil' guy! He is seriously so cute! Glad the surgery was re-scheduled and you guys can get this figured out.