Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Extra Energy!

This is one of the many things Conner is now happily doing with all his new found energy and zest for life without the feeding tube in his nose! :)


Juliana said...

What a happy boy!!! I love his cheeks!!

BECKY said...

that video makes me happy :)

Ben KaShan Allysen Briggs said...

Annie, This brings tears to my eyes and my heart is bursting with joy!!! I can't believe how far this strong little boy has come!!! You are an amazing mommy!!! And Heavenly Father has blessed him so much!!!

Tessa said...

You have the most beautiful baby boy! I am so glad he is happy and healthy.


Meredith said...

adorable! i was just reading your "about you" section and it touched my heart so much. good luck with your little boy!! i so hope he just keeps getting better and better:)