Thursday, November 11, 2010


While shopping at Costco today (well I was actually done with my shopping and searching for my lost car key!), I walked past one of my favorite fashion bloggers! She passed, and I was pretty sure I recognized her, so I followed her a couple of steps, tapped her shoulder, and with a cheesy smile, told her that I was one of her stalkerish blog followers!  I have to admit, I kind of felt a little star-struck and could totally feel myself blushing.  I just think she is so amazing, and has such a fantastic sense of fashion.  Her name is Sarah, and you can see your wonderful blog here.  And she was so sweet!! And of course she was dressed so amazingly, and I, sadly, not so amazingly.  I wished so dearly in that moment that I had been wearing something totally awesome to impress her, and that my hair had not looked so nasty and that I had put on some more makeup.  Oh well.  That's what I get for thinking I was just making a quick trip to the store, and that I looked fine enough.  At least I had on my cute bright blue scarf that I got while I was in Paris, right? :)

Lately I have really been trying to discover what my fashion sense is, and what it says about me.  I really, REALLY love the fashion blogs that I follow (see list of blogs on right side of screen), and they inspire me so much.  I just think that fashion is such a great way to express who you are through clothes and accessories and I really enjoy it! One thing that I really admire about Sarah, is that she doesn't spend tons and tons of money on her clothes.  In fact, the majority of her clothes, shoes and accessories come from thrifting, consignment stores, are vintage, or are from local auctioneers. How awesome is she?! And she looks incredible all of the time! I have always been really good with purchasing clothes that are on sale/clearance, but now I really want to start thrift shopping!

I have been having Paul taking outfits pictures for the last few months that I have though have been fairly fashion worthy.  A few problems though.  They are taken with an ok, but no where near great camera like most of the fashion bloggers that I follow have, my house only has only a few walls to take pictures against and are boring white, and my dear sweet husband, love him, but he just holds up the camera and snaps the pictures while I feel like a huge cheeseball trying to pose, but coming up flat every time.  No beautiful outdoor pictures with perfect lighting for me.  But I will continue to have him take my pics, and one day when I am feeling courageous, I may post them, and share my journey in fashion-self-discovery.


Unitryb4 said...

Well my lovely Annie, I LOVE your fashion sense. You are quite the fashonista momma! :) I've never seen you looking the least bit frumpy--even when you have just woken up in Sun Valley! ;)

Sarah loves it all said...


Honestly, the pleasure was all mine. You completely made my day, and now you have made my week. Like I said, that is the first time that has ever happened to me, and you had a real way of making me feel super special. I truly didn't even look at what you were wearing. I do remember you wearing a scarf :) but I was too smitten with your cute face and obviously darling personality. Afterward, I wished we could have talked more! I also felt bad that I didn't introduce you to my husband and baby E. I was actually having my lunch break at Costco with them! It's funny because I have been in that similar situation before (meeting a blogger I follow) and I was the exact same way! I didn't even know what to say to her. It was so crazy to think that I was that person to you! I promise I'm so so normal and usually when I go to Costco I don't wear make-up or fashionable clothing. You just happened to catch me on my work day. :) I think you're beautiful, and you should definitely put up some fashion posts! Everyone loves a good fashion post! Don't worry about the camera. I have a crappy one too. I only recently enlisted a photog, but did ok with my humble point and shoot for quite sometime. Thanks again for what you have done for me this week. I hope we can be friends for a long time!

jessica.adams said...

Hi, Annie!
I have to admit that the posting you commented on was actually my very first "fashion" post, so thank you catching me on a good day, and more importantly for commenting!
I'm with you on Sarah. I've known her for years she never ceases to amaze me.

You are beautiful and your little boy is an absolute doll! I am excited to get to know you better through this "blogosphere!"


Elaine said...

Oh gosh... That's awesome! I love Sarah. She is so sweet. I wish I could meet her in person as well.

Juliana said...

Annie ... first of all, I always thought you were such a fashion girl and when you add it to your beautiful personality = perfection! I saw Sarah's blog and felt in love with her style and idea. I've even added her to my blog list :) I only wish I could have the vision that she has! I love fashion too. I guess it takes practice .. should we make a weekly visit to thrift stores and create own fashion blog? ;)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

That is so cool! I would totally be starstruck too if I ever saw a blogger I loved while I was out! I think you should post your pics!! It sounds a lot like how I take pics with hubbie. It's all very comical. I feel awkward, hubbie's getting annoyed, daughter is climbing something she shouldn't be. hahaha!