Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Computer blog!

My amazing and talented husband created "Computer Fix SLC" several years ago, and just started a blog for the company! They will post about computer tips and other really helpful things for all of us who may not be computer genius's! So follow them and become more computer-wise!

Computer Fix is an amazing company, with honest, hard working, super friendly employees, with unbeatable prices on repairs, removing virus's, building custom computers, and whatever else you need!

Seriously guys, this is where I would take my computer in a heart beat if something were ever wrong with my computer! So, pass along the word, and write down this number if you ever have any kind of computer questions or problems!
Their number is 801-415-9595 and they are located at  2875 South Main St (SLC UT)

p.s.  My husband didn't ask me to write this! In fact, he has no idea, and will have no idea until he logs on to our blog! :) I just REALLY truly believe he has created an amazing company, and deserves some recognition! 


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

How is Connor doing? Are you guys having better success than us in the eating department?

So I looked on my blog, and there is no HTML for either of those. They are pictures. I found the heart mom one and I can email that to you. I'm still looking for the CHD awareness one.

our email is:

ellingerfamily {AT}

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

try that link for the chd awareness button and see if that works.

Oh yeah- so I'm due June 18th. (the dr. moved up my due date by 3 days yesterday which I was grateful for!). We're really nervous and are going to see a perinatologist on Feb 1. My head says that everything will be just fine, but my emotions are all over the place! And I cry over the stupidest things right now like helping another toddler eat their food in nursery... my poor husband - he should get an award for dealing with me!

BECKY said...

i would hope you would take your computer to your hubby's business ;)

Reuben and Laura Evans said...

I sure wished I was up north. I would totally take my computer to him. i just don't know if my computer can be saved:(